Debian apt-get pinning

The aim of this article is to explain how to install Debian packages from different releases. As I’m writing this, I’m running wheezy and I’d like to install few packages from jessieĀ (currently testing).

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Optimize your website images

If you check your page with Google’s Pagespeed, you’ll probably notice that your images are not properly compressed. It’s useful to compress images for atleast two reasons:

  • Save bandwith
    • Image lossless compression and removing of meta-data will save you atleast 10% of bandwidth. Probably even more.
  • Higher SEO score
    • I’ve noticed that better optimized images are also indicators that you care about your site and bandwidth and Google and others might reward that.

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Using MySQL with Microsoft Analysis Services for OLAP

I’ve always wanted to use MySQL as my fact, dimensions, etc tables to use for Analysis Services for OLAP cubes. When using Visual Studio to create the Analysis Services database, I’ve always stumbled upon some kind of issue where processing the cube would produce a query that only MSSQL server would understand.
Well, I’ve finally created the cube that has all the data stored in MySQL database(es).

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Enable HTML5 Drag&Drop upload from one window to another using filedrop

It’s the new hype: HTML5 and the new upload files feature. We’ve seen it in WordPress, Google image search, etc. While searching for jQuery plugins that can make my life easier I found jQuery Filedrop. Great plugin, does what it says and it does that good. It works great with files on local computer – but what if you want to drag and drop an image from one page to another without first creating a local copy? Same as seen on Google Images search?

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