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Using MySQL with Microsoft Analysis Services for OLAP

I’ve always wanted to use MySQL as my fact, dimensions, etc tables to use for Analysis Services for OLAP cubes. When using Visual Studio to create the Analysis Services database, I’ve always stumbled upon some kind of issue where processing the cube would produce a query that only MSSQL server would understand.
Well, I’ve finally created the cube that has all the data stored in MySQL database(es).

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Create OLAP cube for SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services

A complete tutorial on how to create an OLAP cube, ¬†with sample sales data, that you can browse in Microsoft Excel. I’ll walk you through the whole process of defining fact table, dimensions and how to configure OLAP cube in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and publish it on SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services. You should already have SQL Server 2005 with Analysis services and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 installed, as installing the software is not a part of this article.

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