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Optimize your website images

If you check your page with Google’s Pagespeed, you’ll probably notice that your images are not properly compressed. It’s useful to compress images for atleast two reasons:

  • Save bandwith
    • Image lossless compression and removing of meta-data will save you atleast 10% of bandwidth. Probably even more.
  • Higher SEO score
    • I’ve noticed that better optimized images are also indicators that you care about your site and bandwidth and Google and others might reward that.

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Send HTML mail with attachment using Pear’s Mail

To send proper HTML e-mails, with attachments and other features, it’s best to use PEAR’s Mail_Mime package. You can easily install this package using pear binary included in PHP distribution.

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Extending mysqli class with example

PHP’s mysqli extension is a great starting point for your OOP type access to MySQL server. Here’s a simple example and some possible features for you to explore using base mysqli class provided by PHP and extending it to suite your needs.

Iterator for collections in PHP

In this article, I’ll try to explain how to use PHP’s Iterator and IteratorAggregate interfaces to create objects that can act as array in your code, simplify loading and protect your data. We’ll also create an example on how to create “loadable” collection – a collection or array that loads only when it’s needed. But first, we have to create our base classes that will provide the base functions for our Collection class.

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