Send HTML mail with attachment using Pear’s Mail

To send proper HTML e-mails, with attachments and other features, it’s best to use PEAR’s Mail_Mime package. You can easily install this package using pear binary included in PHP distribution.

You might also have to install PEAR Mail package using the command pear install Mail_mime.

:~# pear install Mail_mime
downloading Mail_Mime-X.Y.Z.tgz ...
Starting to download Mail_Mime-X.Y.Z.tgz (31,337 bytes)
.....done: 31,337 bytes
install ok: channel://

Mail_mime package is installed. In default PHP configuration, when you have PEAR installed, PEAR include directory will already be configured in include_path, so you can simply include Mail/mime.php script, and you have Mail_mime ready for use.

Here’s an example on how to compose HTML and plain text e-mail message with one Excel report as attachment (you might have created it with PHP Excel writer).

// require PEAR Mail and Mail_mime classes
// define recipient
$recipient = '';
// define local path to excel file
$xlsFilename = 'report_for_boss.xlsx';
// define mail headers
$headers = array('From'       => 'Reporter <>',
                               'To'         => $recipient,
                               'Subject'    => 'Report for boss'
    $mime = new Mail_mime("\n");
    // if client reading this mail, reads only text-part (or cannot read HTML messages),
    // he'll see this text body message
    $mime->setTXTBody('This is a text part of the message.');
    // if client reading this email, reads HTML (multi-part) messages,
    // he'll see this HTML body message
    $mime->setHTMLBody('<html><body>This is the HTML part of the message</body></html>');
    // now, we'll add local file as an attachment. Second argument is a mime type
    // specification for XLSX filetype.
    // get body of the e-mail message from Mail_mime class.
    $body = $mime->get();
    // get headers
    $hdrs = $mime->headers($headers);
    // now, lets send e-mail using the PEAR Mail class.
    $mail = Mail::factory('mail');
    $mail->send($recipient, $hdrs, $body);
    // that's it!

This is the basic all-in-one example on how to send multi-part e-mail messages. You can also add images to e-mail, etc. You can read more about PEAR Mail_mime class here.

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